here how to spare and how we organized our itinerary

Viaggio in Inghilterra come risparmiare


We’re just returned from our trip through the South of England: still full of emotions, we’ll try to share with you as more info as possible about this itinerary of which I’ll show you all stops. You can find the descriptions about what to see and to do in every town clicking on the word corresponding to the place, as soon as I’ll write the relating posts.

As you can see we’ve put together the tour of the South with London, but if think this is too much for you, you could separtate the two parts in two different travels. What I suggest you is to dedicate to London at least 4 days: it’s very wide, sometimes moving from one part of the town to another takes time, and you would have the oppurtunity not only to the see the classical centre, but also other neighborhoods full of Britsh atmosphere. We had almost 5 days and we had to walk a lot to see everything we’ve described here below; in spite of this we had to skip Greenwich, just to say!





June 2019

Inghilterra itinerario
Inghilterra: il nostro itinerario


DAY 1: flight Easyjet from Milano Linate to London Gatwick; pick up the car and transfer to Oxford. Overnight stay in hotel.


DAY 2: day completely dedicated to Oxford. In the evening transfer to the hotel in Celtenham.


DAY 3: tour of some places around the Cotswolds.


DAY 4: departure to visit Castle Combe, considered one of the most beautiful villages in England, and visit to the town of  Bath. In the evening transfer to an hotel in the nearby of Salisbury.


DAY 5: in the morning visit to Salisbury , while in the first afternoon departure to Arundel to visit the unmissable castle and the delicious town. In the evening transfer to the hotel in Eastbourne.


DAY 6: morning dedicated to the visit to the very white Seven Sisters cliffs. In the afternoon visit to Rye and in the evening arrive to the hotel in Canterbury.


DAY 7: visit of Canterbury in the morning, while in the afternoon transfer to London and handling of some formalities (return of the car) and we bought the train tickets for our return to Gatwick in 5 days.


DAY 8: London → morning in St. James’s Park and Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard. In the afternoon a walk through tha main central streets:  Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, China Town, Piccadilly Circus, Neal’s Yard, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.


DAY 9: London → in the morning a long walk to Little Venice first, Regent’s Park and in the end until Camden Town and Lock: a walk around the different stalls for shopping. In the late afternoon visit to Harrods.


DAY 10: London → morning at Hyde Park to see the fountain dedicated to Lady Diana and the  Kensington Gradens and Palace. In the late mornig visit to the Natural History Museum (free), while in the afternoon visit to Notting Hill: the famous Portobello Road with its coloured houses.


DAY 11: London → in the morning walk along the South Bank (along the river Thames) passing through the famous Borough Market, theTower Bridge, the Tower of London, just to say the most important, until the Sky Garden, the highest garden in London with free entry: at the 35° floor we adimred the whole skyline of London. At about 2 p.m. we visited the eccentric quarters of Shoreditch and Brick Lane famous for their stree art and the typical brick houses.


DAY 12: London → in the morning visit to Westminster Abbey. The remaining time before our flight was spent again along the South Bank to see the shows of the street artists and then just a quick tour at the  Tate Modern Museum. In the late afternoon transfer to Gatwick by train to return to Itlay.







Surely we don’t particularly love the British cousine, the crazy weather, the cold temperatures and the prices for us a bit too high. So you’re wondering why we’ve chosen this destination!

First of all for our daughter Giada who this winter fell in love with London, thanks to some schoolmates who were excited about their experiences in the capital. As she was so sure about a destination, we wanted to make her happy. The last time I personally went to London was about 25 years ago, when I went to study English, and I would have been glad to see it nowadays! Moreover I had the desire to see the South part of England that I hadn’t already seen but that  seemed to be amazing by the photos!  Other reason is the Brexit: as I don’t know how the question will end, I preferred to visit this country now that is still part of Europe! Now or never! And so it was decided: this year we’ll fly to England!






Unfortunately London isn’t for us very cheap, above all because the change isn’t favourable  (1 euro = 1,15 pound – in 2019). Now I’ll show you a brief list of what in our opinion is a bit expensive:

  • at the restaurant just a plate of pasta, pizza or hot dogs and drinks, we always spent from 40 (about 45 euro) to 60 pound (about 67 euro) in three;


  • the attractions are also expensive: from 11 /12 pound (a little more than 13 euro) per person, even to 23/26 pound (about 29 euro) always per person;


  • for the car parks you always have to pay [ in our case also the ones of the hotels: from 3 to 6 pound (a little more than 3 and 6 euro) per night]; I saw car parks asking for more than 10 pound for 24h.


  • hotels go from a minimum of 90 pound per night (about 100 euro) to 130 pound per night (about 145 euro), considering the cheapest hotels that, in most cases, didn’t even offer us the breakfast you should pay extra.


  • the UK SIM to surf the Internet for Google Map, costed us 25 pound (28 euro) for 20 Giga…To give you an idea, in Portugal nel 2018, 15 euro for 30 Giga!




BUT THERE’S A SOLUTION: the way to spare exists!


  • FLIGHT: booking in advance (in our case 5 months before the departure) you can buy a quite cheap flight: for us about 375 euro, three persons, a/r by Easyjet included a 23 kg luggage to put in the hold. Flying to Gatwick is cheaper than flying to London City or London Heathrow, while Stansted is a bit more out of the way.



  • ATTRACTIONS: you have to know that a great quantity of museums in London are free: you don’t have to buy very expensive tickets to go to the London Eye or for the Sahrd to see London from above! The Sky Garden is completely free: you can go up on the 35th floor to have a breathtaking view over the whole London, even if through windows, but it’s the same also for the London Eye! During our itinerary around the South we paid everything, but the church in Salisbury is free and worth a visit: if you’d like you can leave the amount it’s correct for you, or even nothing.

LIST OF THE MAIN FREE ATTRACTIONS IN LONDON: British Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Royal Air Force Museum, Imperial War Museum, Victoria &Albert Museum, Bank of England Museum, London’s Zoology Museum, Somerset House, National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery.



  • DISCOUNT 2X1: on many attractions in London and not only, exists the 2X1 discount tha is not bad. If you are in couple and have two train tickets, pay attention that they must have the symbol of the National Rail I put into evidence in the photo below with a yellow circle, a person go into the attraction free.
Biglietto National Rail
Biglietto con simbolo National Rail

HOW DOES IT FUNCTION? We place that you buy two tickets from an airport to London and vice versa, so two go and two returns: you can use this discount on every attraction you choose, and in every day included between your go date and your return one. In brief, if you remain a week, for the whole week you’ll have right to the discounts on the attractions you’ll choose.

On the contrary,  as in our case, if you have two tickets only go or only return, you’ll have the right to the discount just in that precise day of you train journey. If you don’t think to take any trains, you could buy anyway a ticket even for a brief journey that results for you not so expensive, and the game is done! Thanks to this opportunity we visited Westminster Abbey for 33 pound instead of 56: really not bad! Giada paid the reduced entry because not already 15, while one of us entered free. So, you just need train tickets with the National Rail symbol.


HOW TO DO? First of all go to this site  where you can find the complete list of all attractions thanks to which you can obtain the 2×1: you have to register yourself, then click on the attraction desired and you’ll find a page like this below: you have to fill it with the number of persons, the date  and the station (it’s  not important, you can easily write Victoria). Then click  “GET VOUCHER”

Voucher 2×1 Inghilterra

Clicking the yellow button (photo below) and another page opens: you can decide if to receive the voucher by mail, clicking on the mail, or to print it immediately, clicking “print”. This procedure when you know exactly the dates, and it doesn’t imply any prepayment! The discounted attraction can be paid once on site!

Voucher 2×1 Inghilterra


Tye print of this voucher is very important in order to obtain the discount once in London or another town: the day of the visit to the chosen attraction, you’ll have to show the “VOUCHER” + “TRAIN TICKET WITH NATIONAL RAIL SYMBOL (The one I’ve showed you above).




  • MOTORWAY:  as regards the tour of the South, the cheapest way to visit is to rent a car (if not big you can spare more) than a tour organized with an agency. The motorways are free, even if not in good conditions, in the sense that the asphalt is not draining, so when it rains you can’t see anything!  The positive thing as regard the rent is that in UK there’s no access to pay. 


  • Another way to spare more is to move by bus: people say they’re very comfortable and we’ll organized, but I suggest you them only if you want to do some excursions from London, for example, towards other towns. For an itinerant tour like ours, or to reach more difficult zones like the Costwalds, I’d say the bus isn’t exactly the right choice.
Inghilterra come risparmiare
Strade Inghilterra quando piove

We rented by Hertz that isn’t the cheapest company, but it’s one of the most serious and we chose to do a SUPER COVER ensurance, what I also suggest to you. On the security issues it’s better not think to spare, and we would do the same thing again also today: roads are often very narrow, also in the middle of woods, and the risk to ruin the car is very high. Not to talk about the guide on the left: if this is your firs experience, sooner or later you’ll take the wrong direction (it happened also to us, fortunately with no consequences  We renounced at the automatic shifting to spend less, but it would be very useful.




  • UNDERGROUND: As regard London, I found very convenient to travel by underground,  but buying an Oyster Card, with which you don’t spend more than 7 pound per day, per person, if you remain in the central zones (1-2). Also about the Oyster will follow a post apart when I’ll right about London, but you can write to me if you immediately need these info.


  • TRAIN: moving by train is quite expensive, that’s why we tried to avoid them preferring the car, but to return to Gatwick from London tre train was a very good choice: we bought the tickets of the Southern company that, together with Thameslinks, have reduced costs compared to the Gatwick Express and reach the destination in 40 minutes, not so much time. Otherwise the Easybus are even cheaper but take about one hour and half, according to the traffic! I didn’t personally consider this option because we would have lost too much time! You can buy the train tickets online treno si possono acquistare online, or as we also made, directly on site at Victoria Station for Southern and Gatwick Express, whike for Thameslink I think they’re sold at Tower Hill, but as about this last info because I’m not sure.



  • PARKING: in every town you always have to pay for a car park, as I said also to park in the hotel,or in those we chose. It’s rare to find a place on the road within the white stripes not to pay, and even if you find them, you can remain not more than one or two hours.  An exception for us wee the Cotswalds: during thus tpur just in a place we had to pay, for the rest we found place on the road without limits of permanence. Excluding London whee we never used the car, we found the formule Park&Ride very convenient: every town has different one; you can leave your car in these big car parks, and from the same place there are buses that take you to tye centre town in 15/20 minuts, it depends on the traffic.  The different fares depend on the fact that in some Park and Ride you pay the stay at the car park and the transport by bus, while in others you pay only the transport, but in general, considering both options, you pay from 3 to 6 pound for 2 adults, go and return, while guys under 16 anni don’t pay.



  • HOTEL: we considered the cheapest chains Travelodge and Holiday Inn for the South tour, while a clean hostel with private bath and toilet in London. The good news is that in the hotels you don’t need to pay the city taxes. 



  • CURRENCY EXCHANGE my suggestion is to change money in the bank of your country before leaving; the same for the return, better to change when you are back home, but remember not to have with you too much coins because they won’t be changed. Moreover we preferred taking with us a lot of cash during our travel (about a bit more than 2000 euro) and paying only what was necessary with the credit card (for example, Hertz rental car) not to have commissions and not to risk credit card cloning.







Yes, of course, among the things we saw there are a lot super suitable to families and children of all ages, but our itinerary isn’t suitable for those who have little kids because it’s quite busy and demanding. We were with our 12 years old daughter: this is an age that permits them to walk without problems trying to tolerate some diseases. 22 km on foot each day could be not simple if you are not used to! So for little kids I suggest to consult other sites, specific blogs for little children or to take from my itinerary what you consider more suitable to your needs.







During this travel we tried to be happy with a little to spare: at lunch we had packet lunch buying sandwiches, ready-sliced meat, cheese, fruit, biscuits and drinks at the supermarket (Sainsbury and Tesco); we could this was spend 10/15 pound a day in three persons; this is sure the cheapest solution. The two day it rained and couldn’t eat at the open air, went to the classic Mc Donald, Giada’s favourite,  whee for a Mc Chicken, small chips and a small coke spent more or less the same amountof the supermarket.


Rather cheap are also the chains “Prete a Manger” where you can find sandwiches, salads and other fast food, such as at the Selfridges, or at “You can Eat”, but also where you east Asian food you could spare something. Another solution could be eating in the typical pubs choosing the plate of the day, or you can eat well also inside the markets like Borough Market, where for a filled sandwich  you could spend from 5 to 8 pound, a bit more expensive than the supermarket but the sandwiches are hot and delicious; there are also fruit and cakes.


In the evening we went to the restaurant to eat something warm: during the South tour we were obliged to eat in the restaurants of the hotel because there were no other choices in the surroundings, while in London I unfortunately can’t suggest you a typical English restaurant because Giada, after trying the Italian restaurant at a few steps from our hotel, “Ristorante Pizzeria San Marco – Paddington”, didn’t want to change anymore! In general, in all restaurants tried, for a first course or a second course with drinks, the costs go from 40/45 to 60 /65 pound, for three persons.










  • very clise to the motorway, so in  the perfect position to continue our travel;  it’s not in the city centre so it’s cheaper;
  • rooms are minimal but very clean with private bathroom and toilet;
  • people at the reception kind and helpful;
  • close to the petrol station and at two feet from the Park&Ride that takes you to Oxford centre in about 15/20 minutes.


  • there’s no restaurant but near there’s a Starbucks for fast food, or you can go to the Holiday Inn, in front of the hotel, if you prefer eating in a restaurant.
  • you have to pay the car park apart: 4 pound x 24 h for the hotel guests, otherwise 8 pound;
  • breakfast not included;
  • there’s nothing to do around the hotel.

♣ Little trick: you can pay only for 24h stay. If you need to extend your time, it’s not possible: if you arrive, for example, at 16 you can stay there until 16 of the next day. If you want to stay until 18, what can you do? The day of your arrival you can park in the car park next to the hotel that is very expensive, but free for the first two hours stay and then move your car at the hotel car park: this way you can extend a bit your time. Pay attention because the traffic wardens are always in the surroundings.





  • very clean and elegant hotel with wide rooms and private toilet;
  • people at the reception are kind and there for 24h;
  • It has an inner restaurant whee you eat quite well if we think we’re in England: I could eat fresh grilled fish!


  • also here you have yo oayvthe car park apart: 6 pound per day for 24h (we paid the same amount for two days :D, maybe because we used it only for half day);
  • there’s nothing in the surroundings of the hotel;
  • breakfast not included.





  • It’s a typical English cottage and the receptionist is kind, there for 24h;
  • clean bath and bed sheets.


  • cleaning is essential in those areas you use most, but it’s not deep;
  • we had to wait because our room wasn’t ready yet; they solved the problem in 5 minutes, so think how deep the cleaning could be;
  • they didn’t even offer us a drink to excuse themselves: luck of style;
  • the broom is not sonwide but for one night it could be enough;
  • there’s nothing around the hotel, so you have to eat there: food eas not for our tastes;
  • breakfast not included;
  • TIP: if you are going to leave in the early morning, pay the dinner (and the room if not already paid) in the previous evening because the reception isn’t open 24h, but they leave the door open, so that you can go out.






  • in the very centre, in front of the sea and 10 minuti walking from the car park NCP Car Park, where you can leave your car for 5,30 pounds 24 h (the hotel doesn’t have its own car park);
  • kind people at the reception even if men of few words ;
  • very wide room with private bathroom: very good cleaning;
  • behind the corner there’s a very good Italian restaurant  “Little Italy”


  • as I’ve just said, it doesn’t have its own car park, but there’s one in the surroundings;
  • also here you can’t find anyone in the early morning, but you can go out from the hotel;
  • breakfast not included;






  • close to the motorway an’t about 15 minutes walking from the bus stop to Canterbury (to find the bus stop, you have to go out from the hotel and go to the left, taking the parallel street to the motorway. Look careflully at the timetables because on Sunday the last bus from Canterbury is at 19, whioe during the week at 21: not so good as hours);
  • kind and helpful people at the reception;
  • buffet breakfast included;
  • not very wide rooms but very clean and comfortable with private bathroom and toilet;
  • very good dinner.


  • you have to pay for the car oark (3 pound every 24h);
  • there’s no lift;
  • there’s nothing in the surroundings of the hotel.






  • situated in Peddington, quite central zone, at two feet from Hyde Park and 5 minutes walking from the underground station a “Peddington” that takes you to the centre in  20/30 minutes;
  • the wholenhotel are very clean, in the common spaces and also in the room and bathroom: cleaning is daily, if you leave the room within 10;
  • The breakfast is included: butter, jam, bacon, tea, coffee, hot chocolate. I think if you want something different, you can ask.
  • considering the area and what hotel offers, the hotel has a good value for money;
  • very well heated;
  • no deposit to leave: you can book by mail, then you’ll receive the confirmation and you’ll pay everything on site at the moment but cash.


  •  it’s a typical English house, very narrow, with steep stairs so everything is very small, really too small! We weren three and found difficulties because of the lack of space;
  • clean bathroom but the shower was hanging like  and there wasn’t a sockwt to shave in the bathroom: you have to shave in the bedroom; the same thing to dry your hair;
  • some rooms have a shared bath: if you want a private one you have to ask while you’re booking;
  • la persona che ci ha accolto alla reception sembrava avesse un sorriso stampato da prendere per i fondelli: qualunque fosse la situazione, aveva sempre questo sorriso idiota! Ci ha accolti con un caloroso benvenuto:” Pioverà così tutta la settimana!” Da premettere che eravamo fradici, con le valigie in mano e  la pazienza sotto la suola delle scarpe perchè non riuscivamo a trovare l’hotel a causa dell’acqua torrenziale di quel pomeriggio, fortunatamente non dedicato alle visite. Ma vaffa…no? Durante la vacanza più che ciao e arrivederci non ci diceva e non si è nemmeno sbattuto più di tanto quando l’ultimo giorno gli abbiamo detto che avremmo saltato la colazione per mancanza di tempo: “the next time, la prossima volta” ha detto! Anche se per una volta ci preparava la colazione una mezzora prima, non crollava il suo mondo di plastica, o no? Posso capire le grandi catene, ma un posticino a gestione familiare potrebbe anche essere più cortese: gli avrebbe solo giovato!
  • Non ci ha mai chiesto se avessimo bisogno di qualche indicazione per visitare la città, mai chiesto se ci stava piacendo Londra o altro: solo il suo sorrisino! L’unica indicazione per il parco l’abbiamo avuta dal proprietario, credo, che ci ha indicato la strada più corta;
  • gli asciugamani puliti ogni due giorni, e una sola salvietta a testa: un pò pochino una salvietta per corpo e capelli! Dopo due giorni abbiamo dovuto andare ancora noi a richiedere quelle pulite!
  • Armadio stra minimale..troppo minimale!

Conclusioni su quest’ultimo hotel: ok che ha prezzi più bassi della media degli hotel in centro Londra, quindi ci si deve un attimo accontentare anche per quanto riguarda la struttura vecchiotta, ok che ci vado solo per dormire quindi non mi interessa avere una reggia, però a volte è stato difficile anche per me che non sono affatto abituata a standard alti o a hotel belli belli! Francamente secondo me questo hotel per una famiglia con dei bimbi grandi o piccoli che siano, non è adatto! Va bene per singoli o coppie che al posto del terzo letto mettono la valigia, altrimenti io lo sconsiglio pur essendo pulito e decoroso! Noi in cinque giorni abbiamo fatto davvero fatica a girarci: è tutto troppo al minimo, colazione a parte! Ti lascio in ogni caso il link al loro sito, così puoi consultare anche le tariffe.







Circa 1183 Euro per persona


  • volo Easyjet da Milano Linate su London Gatwick (375 euro in tre + bagaglio stiva 23 kg) In più si può portare un trolley a testa con peso illimitato da tenere in cappelliera;
  • hotel (di cui solo 6 giorni con colazione inclusa – 1131 euro in totale);
  • assicurazione annullamento, bagaglio e sanitaria (192 euro in tre);
  • auto a noleggio da Hertz – Opel Corsa con cambio manuale (489,77 euro x assicurazione totale);
  • attrazioni (quelle che abbiamo scelto noi) 225 Euro in tre;
  • parcheggi (56,22 Euro in totale)
  • sim Vodafone UK (28 euro x 20 giga)
  • Oyster Card (90 euro in tre x 6 giorni d’uso – ragazzi sotto gli 11 anni gratis; da 11 a 15 pagano la metà)
  • Treno Southern da Londra Victoria a Gatwick (37,27 euro in tre)






Un viaggio assolutamente affascinante che sarei pronta a rifare in qualsiasi momento: non c’è stato nulla che mi abbia deluso, a parte la cattedrale di Canterbury. Esternamente è un’impalcatura unica purtroppo, quindi non ho potuto ammirarne la bellezza; internamente è bella per carità, ma non mi ha entusiasmato.

Ciò che per cui sono rimasta davvero colpita è la luce pazzesca che inonda ogni città o luogo che abbiamo visitato rendendoli speciali, affascinanti e pieni di energia: passando attraverso le Cotswolds, ma anche all’interno di alcune città come Bath e Londra, il verde era molto acceso, quasi accecante, e il color miele di alcune edifici sembrava trasformare in oro tutto ciò che stava attorno, avvolgendo i paesi e le città di una luce calda e rilassante.

Londra non è esattamente la città in cui abiterei: troppo caotica per i miei gusti, ma non la si può perdere tra le capitali da visitare! A parte la Londra più famosa, la più classica che conosciamo tutti attraverso le foto, ne esiste una molto più autentica, molto più British negli eccentrici e artistici quartieri di Camden Town, di Shoreditch e Brick Lane che ho amato alla follia!

Un viaggio multisensoriale in cui si è colpiti contemporaneamente dal rumore del traffico esagerato di Londra, dalla pace dei luoghi di campagna, dalla bellezza delle scogliere a picco sul mare, dai profumi inebrianti dei mercati, dall’eccentricità dell’arte in tutte le sue forme, dall’allegria della musica e degli spettacoli degli artisti di strada e dallo stupore che alcuni luoghi suscitano, pur se già molto noti.

Anche la comunità locale l’ho trovata elegante e ricca di stile: è’ raro trovare gente che ti suona il clacson appena hai qualche difficoltà (come invece accade spesso in Italia): ho trovato sempre persone molto gentili e comprensive ovunque, perciò non farti condizionare dal grigiore inglese o dal tempo non sempre ottimale per la scelta del tuo viaggio, perchè come vedi questo piccolo difetto viene sempre perfettamente compensato!

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In the last years I follow what Dalai Lama says:” At least once a year go to a place you’ve never been before”.

After years of sufferings and sacrifices, I’ve decided that life is too short and too unpredictable to continue waiting to do what I like and what makes me happy.

I like exploring the world where I live, take photos of it in general but also in its details, film it to hold back those subtle emotions that you could forget over time, and in the end share with you what I’ve seen and felt through my articles.

Travel is for me Love – Freedom – Gratitude



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Sometimes Away by Chiara
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by Francesca on Sometimes Away by Chiara

Ciao! Complimenti! Articolo molto utile, bel strutturato, ricco di informazioni. Andremo a Londra (6 giorni) a settembre. Una domanda: vorremmo dedicare una giornata ad una meta fuori Londra, da raggiungere in treno, quale consigli tra quelle visitate da voi? Grazie

Ps mi portero' dietro il tuo articolo ;)

Grazie Francesca, felice che l'articolo ti sia stato utile. Tra le mete da noi visitate, per una gita fuori Londra col treno ti consiglio sicuramente Oxford: c'è davvero tantissimo da visitare, nonostante non sia una metropoli. Cittadina molto elegante e ricca di storia!

by Oselation on Sometimes Away by Chiara
Interessante e utile

Chaiara mi è piaciuto tanto il tuo post ce ne sono i consigli molto utili. Ho viaggiato spesso in Inghilterra e in Italia quindi ho riso leggendo ‘personale gentile anche se non di troppe parole’. Anche se l'inglese sia la mia prima lingua, e viaggiare nei paesi anglofone facilissimo per me, dal momento che ho iniziato studiare italiano scelgo viaggi in Italia per fare le chiacchierate con gli italiani, ve ne fate volentieri e adoro questo, una domanda per le direzioni diventa spesso una conversazione di mezz'ora. Ho appena iniziato scrivere il mio Blog leggilo se avesse voglia. Incidentalmente ho scritto un post sull’Inghilterra e un sull’Italia.

💕🤗 Grazie, sono contenta che ti sia piaciuto il post e gli italiani con le loro chiacchiere 😁hai ragione, sai?


here how to spare and how we organized our itinerary

  1. Ne esistono tantissimi modi per contenere i costi, anche (o soprattutto) se si viaggia in famiglia. Il primo è, senza dubbio, provare a uscire da Londra, città molto costosa anche per un inglese comune. Ci sono certe zone, meravigliose dal punto di vista del paesaggio, dove si vive tranquillamente con una ventina di euro a testa (dormire escluso, ovviamente). Voi avevate un itinerario molto lungo da fare: viaggiare con i mezzi pubblici non sarebbe stato ottimale ma quello è un modo pazzesco per risparmiare (e per me, non guidare a sinistra). Posso chiederti una cosa: come mai hai preso la sim UK? Non c’è roaming in GB.

    1. Ciao Giovy, grazie per il tuo commento. Hai ragione, mi sono spiegata male io: volevo dire che in generale non ho il roaming, e in Inghilterra qs anno, come anche in Portogallo l’anno scorso, nonostante siano paesi europei, nessuno di noi è riuscito ad usare i propri dati mobili….causa sconosciuta, ma proprio non funzionavano! Così abbiamo dovuto acquistare una sim Vodafone UK.

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