what to see and what to do with children staying at the open air

Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare


How beautiful is for children staying at the open air, free from constraints of silence and of movement? Ravenna, bedisdes the cultural attractions, is beautiful because you can enjoy it simply walking without dangers for your children. If you are in Ravenna during a sunny day, can do different nice things.





Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna – Piazza del Popolo

Everywhere you’ll decide to walk, any streets of the centre you’ll take, sooner or later you’ll reach the very central square of Ravenna, where children can run without thoughts, where you can sit in one of the several locals drinking something, or eating an ice-cream: we found one very good at “Gelateria Papilla”, near the columns of Piazza del Popolo.

In this square, not very big, rise the two big columns, where at the top is Sant’Apolinnare’s statue, the patron of the town, and San Vitale’s one. In the past the square was entitled to Vittorio Emanuele II, while the current name was given when the Republic replaced the Monarchy in 1976 during a Referendum, in which the people express in favour of this last one. The building with battlements was inhabited by a noble Italian family.






Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: Rocca Brancaleone

The fortress is 800 mt. (about 15 minutes on foot) from Piazza del Popolo: inside there’s a beautiful and wide park, a green area where to breath deeply, and a playground for children. If you need a refreshment area, there’s a little bar and some plays for children you have to pay.


Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: Rocca Brancaleone
Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: Rocca Brancaleone

The fortress is formed by a the fortress itself, inhabited by the Castleman and with military defence functions, and by a citadel that hosted the lodgings for the troops, delimited by walls and towers partially already existing. To go from outside to inside and viceversa, they used the only access with the drawbridge; both parts were surrounded by ditches full of water. The fortress had to frighten the people from Ravenna and to be able to face the threats of the enemy.


Another point of relax for children is in the little park outside the church “Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista”, in front of the station: we stopped here the day of our arrival to have our packet lunch. Moreover you’ll find another playground in front of the church “Basilica di Sant’Apollinare in Classe”, that is out of the historical centre  (18 km).






Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: Mausoleo di Teodorico
Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: Mausoleo di Teodorico

Always at the open air, behind the fortress, with a distance of about 600 mt. (10 minutes on foot – or by bus N. 2,5,18,90) is Teodorico’ mausoleum, surrounded by a big green area, in which you’ll also find a playground. Except for the very suggestive location, we were quite disappointed about the attraction in general: you can visit it inside but there’s nothing interesting except for a porphyry basin. Don’t expect decorations or mosaics as for the most buildings in Ravenna! Moreover the cost is too much for what you can visit: 4 Euro per person, 2 Euro reduced – free under 16 and each Sunday of the month (prices 2018). We just took two or three photos and had a quick look around.

Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: Mausoleo di Teodorico

It’s part of the Unesco Heritage the most important funerary monument built by the king himself in 520 d.C. as his future tomb. One of the aspects that make the mausoleum unique is the material used for the construction: entirely made of Istrian stone based on the model of the most ancient funerary monuments, such as the monolith of the dome.  Thanks to the outside stairs you can go into a room containing a bath where were probably Teodorico spoils,  then removed during the Bizantine period.




Why not? It’s a must to see towns in the evening: the particular light change them completely in their aspect! Immediately after dinner we went to the church “Basilica di San Vitale”: it’s possible to walk next to the church until the end. The place at that time of the day is very quiet, and thanks to the colours of the evening, the church becomes more suggestive.

Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: chiesa di San Vitale
Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: Galla Placidia’s Mausoleum

Moreover, if you want, during the months of July and August, you can visit it also in the eveningthanks to the demonstration ” Mosaic at Night”. The ticket is 1 Euro less than usual and includes also the visits to Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, Battistero Neoniano, Museo Arcivescovile and Cappella di Sant’Andrea. We saw everything during the day for the quality of the photos, and even if you just walk along the perimeter of the church, you’ll remain fascinated!


Then we went again to Piazza del Popolo to eat the after dinner cake: a bit expensive but the pastries, the coffee and the tea were great by “Il Nazionale”.

Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: piazza del Popolo
Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: piazza del Popolo


Walking along the streets, we were fascinated by the super original murales that portray characters linked to the history of Ravenna. 

Ravenna cosa vedere cosa fare
Ravenna: murales






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