the floating crib of Porto Canale and its lights




Every year in Cesenatico, along Porto Canale, an area I simply adored, there’s the “floating crib”, thought to be seen as from the stalls.


It’s a tradition begun in the 8oth years, thanks to a group of artists. and continue also nowadays: it’s not a simple crib representing the Sacred Family scenes, but also scene of everyday life and characters inspired to the common people of a little fishermen village such as, carpenters, puppeteers, fishermen, the fishwife, the woman with the piadas, typical local food from Romagna, children and musicians!



The statues that compose the floating crib are life-size, carved wood and with draped dressed: they seem real! Every year they add a new character: in the past were only 7, today are about 50!



The contest is really fairy, above all when in the evening lights are on: together with the ones of the sunset create an amazing effect on the water: we were all amazed, like we were watching a real theatre show! 



There are a lot of  stalls who sell typical Christams objects, but also potteries, decorated tiles and wooden objects. There are also plays made of wood for children, like in the past,  and entertainers along the streets.




We remained not too much time to admire this crib,  but the emotion we had was really strong; it’s so even today thinking about this scenery again!

The floating crib in Porto Canale was a stop of our Christmas tour, lasted two days, you’ll find at the following link, together with our first stop: candles in Candelara! 







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the floating crib of Porto Canale and its lights

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