THE REAL SANTA CLAUS CAVE IN ORNAVASSO: our suggestions and our experience with a little child






The visit to the real Santa Claus cave in Ornavasso (Verbania) near Lago Maggiore is another delicious event to keep into consideration for the next days! From Saturday the  17th of november 2018 it’s going to begin the 9th edition of one of the most beautiful event of the Advent time and of Christmas in the North of Italy: Ornavasso is 15 km from Stresa and from Verbania, 30 km from Domodossola, less than an hour car from Milan and an hour and half from Turin.


We took part to this ebent 5 years ago with our daughter who was five: we’re proposing it to you because it was one of the most beautiful Christmas experience we’ve made with her. At that time it was one of the very first editions, but now it’s surely more beautiful and richer of great news! For those ones I invite you to visit the official site.


The park of Santa Claus cave, an area of 20 thousand square metres with a panoramic view over Lago Maggiore  and Lago di Mergozzo, surrounded by woods. Giada had fun exploring woods in search of the mysterious goblins.


to ride little and sweet ponies….


to observe typical farm animals and those more particular ones that come from Christmas: the reindeers! Yes, there is an entire park dedicated to them, the Christmas stars of all children’s tales!




In the park you can also visit the “Twergi Village” and their workshops, the falconry, the Twergi’s underground tunnel and the path of the precious stones and in the end children can accept the big medal of good child!






Obviously the moment that Giada has waited so much was at lunch time, when together with her grandparents and us has entered Santa Claus cave, unique in the world obtained from a real underground quarry where the marble was extracted  to build the dome of Milan.
Through 200 metres gallery, where you find little cribs on the sides, you arrive to the big marble saloon where Santa Claus with his helpers, wait for children with their Christmas letters and take a photo with them as a memory of the day.


You’ll go into the cave in small groups every 15 minutes: I suggest you to book online before, because tickets for this attraction  are limited if you decide to buy them on site.


Since only a few time you can meet Santa Claus even without entering the cave: how? Going into the  Big Park of Santa Claus with Santa Claus theatre, shows, musicals, animations, animals with real reindeers, the big crib, Christmas markets and commercial areas.





Near the lunch area there’s a zone dedicated to the children and to the free playing: Giada had fun going into the wooden houses, to explore them and to pretend to live there!





The traditional Christmas markets don’t miss: they are along the up-hill road of the village and sell Chrisymas objects, gastronomic specialities, decorations




but also the cribs in Santuario della Madonna realized by the Big Masters of the cribs: some are peculiar like the one here below in a coffeepot, or other coming from different parts of the world.




How could we leave this place if not contemplating the nature around it and with a hot tea from Santa Claus?








  • As regards the tickets thare are really a lot of options among which you can choose that I suggest you to read directly on the official site: anyway i n all kinds of ticket the use of the tourist trains and other attractions are not included, but you have to pay on site. Here below I’ll show you the main ticket options:


FULL TICKET Santa Claus cave:
it includes the visit into the cave and you can reach every area of the park and you can see all shows (in this ticket: cave – crib – Park with Twergi Village – show – Santa Claus parade – good child certificate – hot Christmas tea).
If you book online you can get a Santa Claus memory photo and the entrance to the show free.
CHILDREN UNDER 3: free. Booking fee E. 1.50


It includes the entrance to all areas (except Santa Claus cave) and to the shows (in this ticket: crib – park with Twergi Village – show – Santa Claus parade – good child certificate)
If you book online you can get the entrance to the show free.
CHILDREN UNDER 3: free. Booking fee E. 1.50


If you want to live a wonderful weekend you could buy FULL TICKET HOTEL GUESTS that has an agreement reserved to the HOTEL guests.
This ticket includes the visit to all areas (cave included) and shows, as in the FULL TICKET, but in the second day you have the entrance to the park free.
The show of Santa Claus theatre presented in the first day of the weekend is always different from the one of the second day.





  • You can find the car park at the feet of the village or in the car parks reserved to the event, but if you are lucky,  you can park on the side of the street without paying. To reach the village you can walk along the up – hill road of the village for about 20 minutes, or you can take the train ” Renna Express” that in 10 minutes take to to the top: this cost is not included in any tickets.


  • The visit to the park and to the cave are in nature, so I suggest you to wear  comfortable cloths: it’s very cold, so wear warm clothes and you should have suitable shoes, like for example that suitable for mountains.


  • For the visit to the cave I would book it online because not always you find available tickets on site. Moreover I suggest you to book at least two hours after lunch: in the cave the air is very wet and hot: if you have not good digest, you could feel sick, like has happened to me!


  • For lunch we stayed at “Locanda Alpina”, an area with 400 heated places which offers a mountain cuisine. It’s less expensive than the other locals, so if you’ll decide for the Locanda,  I suggest you to have lunch early (like midday) to find place to sit. Anyway, near the ticket area there is “Taverna dei Twergi”, in the park area there is “Bar Agriturismo Trentino” and “Il Bosco” with 100 heated places with also a bar service.






highway A8 Miĺano – Laghi – highway A26 Voltri-travelling To be- Exit Ornavasso (SS 33 of Sempione)
From Domodossola: AS 33 of Sempione9. Exit Anzola d’Ossola o Ornavasso.
Malpensa airport: in 50 minutes – direction Laghi.








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