RICETTO DI CANDELO: an afternoon among spring scents and colours for adults and children

The first of May, or the Easter holidays, could be the right occasion to visit Ricetto di Candelo, Piedmont, to be captured by a completely flowery, magical and scented world where nature and history  fuse with art for at least a pair of weeks. Trip suitable for adults and children who will have fun around the labyrinth of  market stalls and exhibitions surrounded by the characteristic castled walls.

We visited it with our family during a Sunday trip  you can find in this article: the first stop was “Agliè Castle” where was made the famous italian fiction “Elisa di Rivombrosa”, with a visit to the near Meleto. In the afternoon we arrived here in Candelo which is far an hour by car from Agliè (about 60 km).

✔The visit to this village for us lasted two hours.

✔The cost is Euro 7.50 on holiday days; 4 Euro on week days; FREE for 12 years old guys. Further info here.




Candelo  is a little village near Biella (Piemonte): it’s certified as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and Orange Flag of the italian Touring Club. Right inside the village, the Ricetto transform itself in a wonderful flowery garden every two years: nursery gardeners from Biella realize real art theme works you can admire along the whole perimeter of the village in a never ending shows for our eyes.

Usually the event begins the last ten days of April until the first days of May: the current year in particular it goes from the 25th of April until the 5th of May 2019.




What is Ricetto? It’s a fortified and protected medieval structure located inside a village with the aim to protect people from external attacks, but it was also the place where were gathered different goods belonging to the people or to the Lord of the village. It’s sure that walking today down its road called “rue”,  it’s like coming back in time surrounded by an ancient athmosphere. The castled walls made of rough stone with the towers at the angles help to make the place even more suggestive!




Candelo is one of the most best conserved village in Europe and houses that today seem homes, in the past represented only a shelter in case of attacks by enemies. What surely is fascinating today during these spring days is the transformation of this place into a real “museum at open air”, at least in my opinion, where everything is adorned festively and where everything vibrates of lights and colours: the best of the handcraft, themed tastings, workshops and the magic of the flowers all around the village!

Ricetto di Candelo Piemonte
Ricetto di Candelo
Ricetto di Candelo Piemonte
Ricetto di Candelo
Ricetto di Candelo Piemonte
Ricetto di Candelo




Inside but also outside the walls you can find a lot of market stalls: from little objects to art works like pictures, sculptures and compositions for every taste.






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