PUGLIA TOUR: our 10 days itinerary from Barletta to Salento on the road


PUGLIA – april 2016

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DAY 1: Lecco – Bari (transfer during the night) and visit Bari in the afternoon.

DAY 2: Giovinazzo – Trani – Barletta – Castel del Monte (only outside) – transfer to Alberobello for the night.

DAY 3: Alberobello (morning). Ostuni and Martina Franca (afternoon).

DAY 4: Matera for the whole day.

DAY 5: Polignano (morning) – Monopoli – Locorotondo (afternoon).

DAY 6: Lecce – Nardò – transfer to Felline (Salento) in the evening.

DAY 7: (SALENTO TOUR) Baia Verde – Gallipoli – Specchia – Maldive del Salento (Pescoluse) and south-west coast (in the surroundings of Torre San Giovanni).

DAY 8: (SALENTO TOUR)  Otranto and bauxite lake (morning). Alimini sea – Torre Sant’Andrea –  Torre dell’ Orso – Roca Vecchia (afternoon).

DAY 9: (SALENTO TOUR) Leuca – Ponte Ciolo – Tricase- Castro Marina – Santa Cesarea Terme – Grotta della Poesia – Punta Palascia lighthouse (whole day tour).

DAY 10: Santa Maria al Bagno and the wonderful S. Isidoro beach (morning). In the afternoon back home with a stop in Rimini.

DAY 11: Rimini – Lecco.







* BARI (1 night) “B&B Le Sete”

– Nice persons;
– clean room with private bathroom;
– private and free parking;
– ideal to visit Bari in fact Le Sete is near the little train Station “Mungivacca” from where you can reach Bari centre in 20 minutes;
– not expensive;
– normal italian breakfast.

– PRICE in 2016: 25 Euro per person, per night.

– During our stay in Bari we visited: Bari (the day of our arrival);  Giovinazzo – Trani – Barletta – Castel del Monte (the day after)


*ALBEROBELLO (4 nights)“B&B Il Rifugio di Giada e Mattia”:

– polite family (once they cooked the dinner for us);
– very very clean room and private bathroom;
– for breakfast you could choose among two desserts made by the owner and other food;
– private and free parking;
– 15 minutes walking to the very centre of the town (trulli) and 2 minutes from Trullo Sovrano;
– It’s an apartment, so if you want to spare money, here you have the opportunity to cook lunch/dinner; not expensive to be close to the centre.

– PRICE in 2016: 35 Euro per person, per night.

– During our stay in Alberobello we visited: Alberobello – Ostuni – Martina Franca – Matera – Polignano – Monopoli – Locorotondo (3 days). We visited Lecce and Nardò the day after while moving to Salento.


*SALENTO (4 nights) “B&B Li Brilli” (in Felline):

– polite, friendly and nice family
– b&b cared in details and elegant
– clean rooms with private bathroom
– a great choise for breakfast and the lady prepared each day a new cake: fantastic.!!
– private and free parking but on request
– not expensive

– near to the best restaurant in Salento “Il Mulino di Alcantara”, 5 stars cousine and to the best beaches in the south of Salento (Lido Sabbioso, Lido Marini, Lido San Giovanni, etc…)
Near Gallipoli and the west coast (20 minutes by car); a bit further to reach Otranto and the east coast (1 hour by car)

– PRICE in 2016: 25 Euro per person, per night.

– During our stay in Felline we visited the whole Salento ( 3 days and half)


*RIMINI (1 night) “Hotel Nord Est”

– polite people at the reception
– clean room with private bath
– if you have lunch/dinner at a restaurant in front of the hotel, you can have 20% discount because you are a guest of the hotel
– great and super genuine breakfast

Near the restaurant  “Il Delfino” that has an agreement with the hotel, so you can have a discount on your dinner: we had dinner here, not bad!






Who knows me, knows also that I travel in “low cost”, so I don’t try many restaurants during my travels. I usually eat a packet luch and have dinner in a restaurant. What I tasted in Puglia are these three, superb and not too expensive restaurants:

“L’Osteria del Borgo Antico” – Bari
“Il Mulino di Alcantara” – Felline – Salento
” Antico Monsatero” – Felline – Salento

In Alberobello we had dinner by the owners of the apartment for an evening, while for the rest we cooked something in the B&B.





Our own car for the whole tour and the train to reach Bari the first day, for a total of about 4.000 km (go, return and tours)





About 850 Euro per person.

It includes:

– 350 Euro petrol for the whole travel;

– 5 evenings in the restaurants mentioned above (25 Euro per person, per evening);

– 25 Euro to visit Polignano by speed boat;

– 25 Euro to visit Ostuni by bee gig;

– 60/70 Euro to visit Matera with the guide and Parco Regionale della Murgia;

– 130 Euro for attractions like churches, some castles, etc.. and some memory presents.





One of the most beautiful regions of Italy, amazing sea and lovely temperatures, at least until late spring! A travel that I’d do thousand times again for the beauties of the places I saw, each with its peculiarities; a travel that can combine sea life, traditions and culture creating a unique and fascinating mix. Sometimes I was at only few feet from the town but I could feel to be out of the world, when for example I visited the lighthouse of Punta Palascia, or I felt like in a very far place in the world when I visited the bauxite lake near Otranto. This travel gave me unique emotions and it’s a place not so far from the North of Italy where I live! You don’t need to have an high budjet for this travel and you can reach very beautiful and interesting places.




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In the last years I follow what Dalai Lama says:” At least once a year go to a place you’ve never been before”.

After years of sufferings and sacrifices, I’ve decided that life is too short and too unpredictable to continue waiting to do what I like and what makes me happy.

I like exploring the world where I live, take photos of it in general but also in its details, film it to hold back those subtle emotions that you could forget over time, and in the end share with you what I’ve seen and felt through my articles.

Travel is for me Love – Freedom – Gratitude




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  1. Carissima, decisamente illuminante!
    Ci accingiamo a fare più o meno lo stesso, ma in 6 gg e con due amici tedeschi con cui ogni anno andiamo alla scoperta del nostro bel paese. Quest’anno sono stati proprio loro a proporre la Puglia e noi abbiamo “ricamato” il resto. Grazie ai tuoi suggerimenti perfezioneremo il nostro itinerario.
    Ti auguro lunga vita per lunghi viaggi

  2. 850 euro a persona !? è un capitale ! In 2 abbiamo fatto tutto il periplo del salento con puntate all’interno 15 giorni in macchina 2700i cc diesel , con annessi e connessi sfizi e quanto altro in totale abbiamo speso 900 euro ! Questo è quanto saluti Carlo

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