GERA LARIO: a relaxing day for the whole family with lunch in farmhouse

**DURATION: 1 day

**PERIOD: may 2015. In general you can visit it all over the year, but the favourite seasons are always spring and summer.


In this day tour you could have a relaxing walking in Gera Lario, a little village at the end of Como Lake surrounded by a fantastic natural heritage; in the meanwhile you could also have a very tasty and genuine lunch in a farmhouse, location Sorico, from where you have an evocative view over the lake. Sorico is half an hour distance by car from Gera Lario.





In the morning I arrive in Gera Lario where I was struck by its lakeside, rich of marvellous natural views linked also to the presence of a natural reserve: Riserva Naturale Pian di Spagna.
Gera Lario is well known for teaching of water sports such as surfing, canoing, sailing and so on, but it has also wide expanses of lawn simply for a pic-nic or for a bit of relax. A little swimming pool and a bit of sand make the stay funny also for children. Many tourists come here to make their holidays staying in roulottes or campers.
To see: San Vincenzo Church, the sanctuary of fishermen and Santo Stefano church.





At midday I reach the farmhouse “Giacomino”, following direction “Bugiallo”: it takes about half an hour through a very narrow and curving road but once up, heart, eyes and breath open and you realize that it was worth to reach the place beacause over there the landscape is indescribable. I begin to take thousand of photos, as my habit, to this little green oasis, a paradise far from the noise and the frenzy of the town.
This place is also suitable for birdwatching, mountain bike excursions and hiking according to every difficulties; moreover there are natural stepping stones for hang glider and paragliding.


The lunch at this farmhouse was superb and the prices were honest: all you eat and all they cook is home made, comes from their animals and their vegetables gardens; you can realize that everything is natural and genuine, as you can taste!!! Outside the farmhouse has a wide open green space where children can run and have fun; there are also a slide and a swing.


After lunch I decide to reach a centenary pine forest through a relaxing walking suitable also for kids which offers enchanting views over Como Lake and that of Mezzola.
On the way you have the possibility to make a fitness trail, to meet some strange little animals and a little archeological site today destroyed, but there are no bar points or any other locals.

walking to reach the pine forest


In the end again towards the housefarm to enjoy a beer and the last sun moments before returning home.




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