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My name’s Chiara, I’m 42 years old and live in Lecco, near Milan, with my husband Luca and my daughter Giada, with me in life and during travels. I studied foreign languages at the High School of Language and also abroad. Today I’m a mum and help my parents in their work.


Since I was a child I’ve had the fortune to go beyond the border of my town, thanks to my parents who have always loved the verb “to travel”. My father has always been alergic to airplains, that’s why I travelled around Italy and Europe, during those years; obviously on the road! Unfortunately I conserve only the classical photos on the roll of that period, so I couldn’t insert in my blog all the marvellous destinations I visited together with my parents.


When I was 20 years old I began  the most difficult period of my life for eight long years: an inborn problem that took slowly all my life and all my dreams. I had to abandone the idea to go to the University, and I had to leave my work as receptionist at the hotel of my town. Travels were at that time only distant memories!


After eight years, when finally arrived the healing, I decided that my life is too brief and too unpredictable to continue feeling sorry for myself for what I couldn’t realize, and above all to continue waiting to do what I really like.


What makes me happy today is to explore the world I live in, it doesn’t matter if near or far, the important thing is to begin again what I stopped years ago: for example begin to travel but with a completely different attitude than in the past.


The 28th of February 2018I founded the blog “Sometimes Away” to tell my great travel passion that runs through different steps:

  • I dream a destination,
  • I think and write about an itinerary suitable for me,
  • I realize my dream booking and living my travel,
  • I take photos to magical places,
  • I live again the travel at home through my posts on the blog, my useful info, and my photos I share with you all!





Sometimes Away is an indipendent and free blog: what you read in my blog corresponds to what I really think. Talking about a place, in fact, I try to give you my sincere opinion and to tell you my real feelings, and if I mention a local guide or a restaurant is only because I enjoyed it so much that I hope it could be the same also for you, if you want to follow my advice.  




Why Sometimes Away

My blog is born for the passion I have to tell my travels and for myself, not to forget how many beautiful experiences life has offered me. Even if I would like to be in every corner of the planet every day, I could do distant travels only sometimes; even the day trips only when I can: that’s why “Sometimes Away”! I can’t do great things and I can’t leave always, but I try to make what little I do unforgettable, sharing it with you.   





What’s the blog about

My blog is about simple day trips suitable for everyone,  and about simple trekking on our mountains. Many articles are concentrated on the North of Italy because living here, it’s the area I know better; nevertheless you can find travels and itineraries also in the rest of Italy and around Europe.


However I also think that it’s important to look beyond what we know: it’s true there are many beauties in and around our country, but I’m sure that meeting a completely different culture is something fascinating and could change us in depth. Don’t believe that all far destinations are impossible because too expensive: there are more accessible ones and with some little tricks, the way to spare exists. How? On my blog I’ll reveal you some secrets about some overseas destinations!


In all articles I try to give you precise and detailed information with a lot of useful suggestions about how to spare, about the gems not to skip and the mistakes to avoid according to my personal experience. Upstream of each written article there’s always a trip or a travel personally made time before: I never describe places I’ve never been yet or I don’t know.

The blog has the double version Italian /English to reach a wider public.





Who the blog turns to

It turns to informal travellers, above all to those who like me don’t have a big budget to spend, but don’t want to give up exploring. It turns to families with or without children, and also to those active people who, like me, love walking a lot not to skip anything, who want a comfortable but simple accomodation for the night, and who love building their own itinerary.





In the  future

Surely I’ll do my best to grow up more and more in order to reach a major number of people with my daily work. I can’t deny that I’d like to earn something from this activity, as the hours, the days and the months spent to build this virtual world of mine!  Nevertheless I’m conscious of my technical gaps I have to solve, and I also know that the expert of the travel sector are in search of bloggers with big numbers.

I don’t have many followers on the social networks, but thise few I have are real, authentic,  persons who have really appreciated my blog and decided to follow it: I’ve never bought followers, even if it would have been convenient to be taken into consideration by someone belonging to the travel agencies or tour operators. If however there’s someone of the tourism sector interested more in contents than in simple numbers, I’ll be happy to begin some collaborations to:

  • review places, hotels and restaurants;
  • write sponsored articles for travel magazines;
  • give visibility to products and brand related to the “Travel” theme;
  • blog tours.








In the last years I follow what Dalai Lama says:” At least once a year go to a place you’ve never been before”.

After years of sufferings and sacrifices, I’ve decided that life is too short and too unpredictable to continue waiting to do what I like and what makes me happy.

I like exploring the world where I live, take photos of it in general but also in its details, film it to hold back those subtle emotions that you could forget over time, and in the end share with you what I’ve seen and felt through my articles.

Travel is for me Love – Freedom – Gratitude



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